What is a superfood?

Superfoods are any foods that have an especially high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They offer potent nutritional and medicinal benefits.  This is especially important in today’s world because of things like the increasing loss of vitamins and minerals in our soil, the continued intake of processed and packaged foods and the pervasiveness of toxins in our every day lives. 

Superfoods are anything but a trend. In fact, many of them have been around for thousands of years and have been used to fuel ancient civilizations. Chia seeds for example were a staple of the Ancient Aztecs’ diet and were used to fuel their long distance runs. 

Is your food organic?

Yes, and local when possible! 

Why should I eat organic food?

Organic food prohibits pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones. Buying organic means higher nutrient density (due to superior soil quality), humane livestock practices, fair wages, and high regulation. 

Is your coffee organic?

Our coffee is not certified organic. However, we have learned that this is not necessarily the “gold standard” for the highest-quality coffee. There is currently no viable organic certified solution available to producers to combat "roya", or coffee rust, which is an airborne bacteria that can be transferred from neighbouring farms easily. Every effort is made to minimize the use of sprays, but the reality is without them, many of the farms Pilot partners with could lose their entire crop easily. 

Any pesticide residue that does get on the coffee “cherry” is highly unlike to make it into your cup because it only touches the outer shell, leaving the beans inside untouched. Pilot coffee does however practice a direct trade model which allows for full transparency between buyers and sellers. Roasters see firsthand the growing and working conditions at each farm so they know exactly who they’re buying from, and can be sure they’re supporting sustainable and ethical practices.

What items on the menu are gluten free?

Everything on our menu is gluten free except our toasts. While our bread is not  gluten free certified, it is fermented for more than 48 hours which deactivates the gluten protein and makes it much more digestible for those who are just sensitive to gluten, not allergic. 

What’s the difference between organic and local food? Which is better? 

Ideally the best choice for our food is local and organic but our Canadian climate prevents us from being able to access fresh produce all year long. Organic food and produce means that the food was grown without the use of nasty chemicals and fertilizers. However, organic food also means that your food could be coming in from anywhere in the world. Local usually means a lower environmental footprint and it also means your dollars are going directly to the person growing your food, supporting the local economy. However, local does not always mean organic, or that it is grown without pesticides. Our food is organic and we source our produce locally when possible. 

Is nutbar vegan? 

Almost everything is. A few of our items have bee pollen or honey in them, and we have marine collagen as an add-on and in a few of our hot drinks but there is no dairy in any of our food or drink offerings. We do offer organic whole milk and cream on our coffee cart as an alternative to our nutbar nutmilk. 

Are your to-go cups recyclable? 

Like every other coffee to-go coffee cup in Ontario our cups are not recyclable (because there is no provincial facility that can process them!). However, they are 100% compostable and biodegradable meaning they will decompose in the garbage much faster than conventional cups. 

How many calories are in your food?

We don’t focus on calories but instead focus on sourcing the highest-quality most nutrient-dense foods available. Since not all calories are created equal, we don’t believe calorie counting is the best way to assess your food quality. If you’re eating whole, nutrient dense foods, they will have a very different metabolic effect (on blood sugar, for example) on your body than refined food. 

Do you offer catering for special or private events?

Yes! We’d love to bring our food to your next event. Please email us at hello@nutbar.co with details.

Is nutbar hiring?

Yes, we're growing! Please send your job opportunity inquiry to careers@nutbar.co.